Welcome page for the private practice of Kimberly Pratt, LCSW - Integrative Psychotherapy and Coaching.

General overview of San Francisco psychotherapy, counseling and coaching services, along with practice logistics.

Specific information about psychotherapy and counseling, common problems bringing clients to therapy and my therapeutic approach and philosophy. Psychotherapy services for depression, anxiety, stress management, grief counseling, relationship problems, life transitions, trauma/PTSD, eating disorders and LGBT issues.

Overview of coaching services in San Francisco offered by Kimberly Pratt, LCSW. Life coaching is for high-functioning individuals looking to make positive changes in their life related to their career, relationships, health and in other important areas.

Kimberly Pratt, LCSW - approach to integrative psychotherapy services, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based psychotherapy and coaching services, including examples of methods used.

Learn More About Social Work
Overview of the holistic, person-in-environment perspective of social work.

Information about what to expect when starting therapy or coaching. Steps include: initial evaluation, goal development, implementation and ending.

Education, experience and licensing information for San Francisco psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, counselor and coach, Kimberly Pratt, MSW, LCSW.

Frequently asked questions about the private practice of Kimberly Pratt, LCSW. Includes information about integrative psychotherapy, choosing a therapist, the difference between therapy vs. coaching, fees, using insurance, home visits, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Phone, email and address for Kimberly Pratt, LCSW - psychotherapy and coaching office in San Francisco. Includes map and nearby parking garages in downtown San Francisco.

Short-term Therapy
Overview of short-term psychotherapy in San Francisco for stress, anxiety and depression treatment.

Free Consultation
15 minute phone consultation offered to prospective therapy clients and prospective coaching clients, free of charge.